By Don Lavarge

With all the turmoil of the pandemic and the rioting across the country, it is such a relief to be represented by a congresswoman who is dedicated to serving her district rather than an agenda. Throughout her time as congresswoman, Elise Stefanik has shown time and again that she truly cares about her constituents. She recently expressed concern over the safety of our northern border to President Biden after it was revealed that Border Patrol agents are overworked and understaffed. With much of this administration’s attention focused on our southern border, it seems Biden has forgotten about the North Country. While it seems that the most dangerous threat to our nation may be COVID-19, we would be remiss if we did not directly address this danger to our national security. Although our northern border may not always be the center of the media’s attention, a strong northern border means a safer NY-21 and a safer country. In the midst of such tumultuous times, I am proud to have a congresswoman who takes our safety seriously.

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