By Kelly Prins (North Greenbush)

“In a recent Letter to the Editor, “Joy and Stefanik are lap dogs; Wait on Cuomo” the author, Bill Shaw, took an opportunity to malign two strong conservative women while defending the governor, who has been accused by no less than 10 women of sexual misconduct, amongst other things.
Ms. Joy, along with hundreds of thousands of other peaceful Americans, attended a rally for the sitting President of the United States, and was not even aware of the violence that ensued at the Capitol until later that afternoon.

Her “treacherous behavior”? Ms. Joy was in D.C. standing up for America. I challenge you to get off your Ballston Spa cozy couch and be more patriotic than she is.

Moreover, Rep. Stefanik’s vote not to certify the election is hardly outside the norms of our Republic.

Since 2000, every time a Republican has won the White House, Democrats have voted not to certify the election results, yet those times were not seen as an attack on democracy?

Mr. Shaw’s rant, comparing two honorable women to dogs, is beyond appalling! Dear Mr. Shaw, do/did you have a mother, are you married, do you have daughters?  If so, let them go work for the sexual predator, Gov. Andrew Cuomo.  And to your mother, wife and daughters, Dad thinks you are a liar if you’ve been sexually assaulted. Let the investigation tell him so.
Ladies and gentlemen, it sounds like Bill Shaw has something against strong, intelligent women in the workforce.  Who’s the DOG?

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