Accessibility for Upstate New York & North Country Families

Since 2015, I’ve remained accessible to NY-21 families by listening directly to my constituents at local events. I’ve attended nearly 2,000 constituent events with NY-21 families, & I look forward to many more to continue being their voice at the highest levels.

Securing Funding for Fort Ticonderoga

I was proud to help secure a nearly $200,000 award for the Fort Ticonderoga Association that will help create public programs and exhibitions that further tell the story of Fort Ticonderoga’s integral role in our nation’s history.

Securing funding for NY-21 Museums

I’m proud to have delivered $4 million to NY-21 museums. The North Country and Upstate NY have a rich history, and I will always fight to preserve it by supporting our incredible museums.

Supporting Working Mothers

Elise helped pass legislation that requires reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers who need them in order to continue working and supporting their families. Elise will continue to be a strong advocate for our working families in NY-21 and beyond.

David Dorn Act of 2020

With violence & chaos occurring in communities across the country, Elise cosponsored important legislation to reaffirm our commitment to law & order by doubling the maximum imprisonment for rioting to 10 years and establishing a mandatory fine of $1,000. 

Family Support Services for Addiction Act

Elise has met with countless families impacted by addiction, and COVID-19 has increased these challenges. That’s why she worked to pass critical grant funding for national and local community programs that offer support services to combat addiction.

Requiring Inmates to be Tested for COVID Before Being Transferred

Elise asked the Bureau of Prisons and United States Marshal Service to require inmates to be tested for COVID-19 and confirmed negative before they are transferred to any Bureau of Prison quarantine location, which includes the North Country’s FCI Ray Brook. This action protected our correction’s officers and inmates from contracting the virus.