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See below endorsements from Herkimer County.

Herkimer County


The full list of 114 Herkimer County elected officials is below:

Scott Scherer, County Sheriff, Herkimer County

Sylvia Rowan, County Clerk, Herkimer County

Gregory Malta, County Legislator, District 1

Mark Gaworecki, County Legislator, District 2

Robert Schrader, County Legislator, District 3

Bob Hollum, County Legislator, District 4

Raymond Johnson, County Legislator, District 5

John Stephens, County Legislator, District 6

William Keeler, County Legislator, District 7

John Brezinski, County Legislator, District 8

Peter Manno, County Legislator, District 9

Rodney Swartz, County Legislator, District 10

Vincent Bono, County Legislator, District 11

Kurt Ackerman, County Legislator, District 12

Raymond Donley, County Legislator, District 13

Peter Campione, County Legislator, District 14

Patrick Russell, County Legislator, District 15

Frederick Shaw, County Legislator, District 16

William Weakley, County Legislator, District 17

David Carpineti, Alderman 4th Ward, City Of Little Falls

George Weiss, Town Supervisor, Columbia

Bruce Learned, Councilman, Columbia

Ed Reed, Councilman, Columbia

Patricia Woytowich, Town Clerk, Columbia

Robert Buddle, Superintendent of Highways, Columbia

Jeremy Pellerin, Town Supervisor, Danube

Tammy Helmer-Bergen, Town Council Member, Danube

Mary Lou Herringshaw, Town Clerk, Danube

Loren Horender, Superintendent of Highways, Danube

Richard Lindsay, Town Supervisor, Fairfield

Daniel Dillenbeck, Town Council Member, Fairfield

Nancy Romer, Town Council Member, Fairfield

William Dillenbeck, Town Council Member, Fairfield

Mary Dineen, Town Clerk, Fairfield

Ronald Testa, Superintendent of Highways, Frankfort

Joseph Tamburro, Town Council Member, Frankfort

John Wallace, Town Council Member, Frankfort

Michael Perritano, Town Council Member, Frankfort

Christopher Evans, Town Council Member, Frankfort

Peter Rovazzi, Town Supervisor, German Flatts

Scott Hendricks, Town Council Member, German Flatts

John Brewer, Town Council Member, German Flatts

Cherri Hyer, Town Council Member, German Flatts

Arthuer “Ozzie” Sterling, Town Council Member, German Flatts

Pandora Watkins, Town Council Member, German Flatts

Pamala Jones, Town Clerk, German Flatts

Carmen Newtown, Superintendent of Highways, German Flatts

Kathy Penree, Town Council Member, Herkimer

Randy Kast, Town Council Member, Herkimer

Vito Carbone, Town Council Member, Herkimer

Jennifer Edwards, Town Clerk, Herkimer

Kenneth Ward, Superintendent of Highways, Herkimer

Jonathan Knauth, Town Council Member, Litchfield

Terry McKane, Town Council Member, Litchfield

John Haughton, Town Supervisor, Manheim

Frederick Doerrer, Deputy Supervisor/Town Council Member, Manheim

Peter Jaiken, II, Town Council Member, Manheim

Kevin Snell, Town Council Member, Manheim

John Brucker, Town Council Member, Newport

Patricia Goodman, Town Council Member, Newport

Jason Coffin, Superintendent of Highways, Newport

Perry Siver, Town Council Member, Norway

Scott Crossett, Town Council Member, Norway

Gary Snyder, Town Council Member, Norway

Lora Grower, Town Clerk, Norway

Howard Eaton, Superintendent of Highways, Norway

Tammy Sperry, Tax Collector, Ohio

Gordon Roark, Town Council Member, Ohio

William Roark, Town Council Member, Ohio

David Mower, Town Council Member, Ohio

Frances Donley, Town Supervisor, Russia

Ronald Przelski, Deputy Supervisor/ Town Council Member, Russia

Scott Gifford, Town Council Member, Russia

Christopher Gauthier, Town Council Member, Russia

Amy Clemons, Town Clerk, Russia

John Mowers, Town Supervisor, Salisbury

Colleen Walrath, Town Council Member, Salisbury

Kim Sherwood, Town Council Member, Salisbury

Stanley Bilinski, Town Clerk, Salisbury

Anthony Lucenti, Town Supervisor, Schuyler

Rodney Dodge, Town Council Member, Schuyler

Joseph Juliano, Town Council Member, Schuyler

Eric Kane, Town Council Member, Schuyler

Barbara Boulia, Town Clerk, Schuyler

Phillip Johnson, Superintendent of Highways, Schuyler

David Hajczewski, Superintendent of Highways, Stark

Kirk Schwasnick, Town Council Member, Town of Little Falls

Mitchell Soules, Town Council Member, Town of Little Falls

Kevin Sullivan, Town Council Member, Town of Little Falls

Sandra Regan, Town Council Member, Town of Little Falls

Donald Cotton, Superintendent of Highways, Town of Little Falls

Richard Adams Jr, Mayor, Village of Frankfort

Colleen Bentley, Trustee, Village of Frankfort

Justin Smithson, Trustee, Village of Frankfort

Virendranath Dhaniram, Trustee, Village of Herkimer

Dana Sherry, Mayor, Village of Herkimer

Amanda Viscomi, Clerk, Village of Herkimer

David Ferdula, Trustee, Village of Ilion

John Stephens, Mayor, Village of Ilion

Kari Allen, Trustee/ Deputy Mayor, Village of Ilion

Michael Emrich, Trustee, Village of Ilion

James Thomson, Mayor, Village of West Winfield

Sandra Smith, Trustee, Village of West Winfield

Lisa Van Winkler, Town Supervisor, Warren

Dorayne Peplinski, Town Council Member, Warren

Jeffrey Crockett, Town Council Member, Warren

Anna Halkowich, Town Clerk, Warren

Bonnie Baker, Town Supervisor, Webb

Michael Ross, Town Council Member, Superintendent of Highways

Casey Crofut, Town Council, Webb

Nanci Russell, Town Clerk, Webb

Jay Kulczak, Town Council Member, Winfield

Charles Osborn, Town Supervisor, Winfield

Douglas Jones, Superintendent of Highways, Winfield

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