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See below endorsements from Washington County.

Washington County


The full list of 75 Washington County elected officials is below:

Jeff Murphy, County Sheriff, Washington County

Al Nolette, County Treasurer, Washington County

Stephanie Lemery, County Clerk, Washington County

Scott Lufkin, Town Council Member, Argyle

Stephen M. Bonhote, Town Council Member, Argyle

Shelley McKernon, Town Clerk, Argyle

Mark St Jacques, Superintendent of Highways, Argyle

Darren Smith, Village Mayor, Argyle

Ian Hamilton, Village Trustee, Argyle

Patrick Sullivan, Town Council Member, Argyle

Lawrence Carrino, Town Council Member, Cambridge

Heather Greenawalt, Town Clerk, Cambridge

Carman Bogle, Village Mayor, Cambridge

Paul Ferguson, Town Supervisor, Dresden

Allen Wilbur, Town Council Member, Dresden

Marcinda Wilbur, Town Clerk, Dresden

Daniel Shaw, Town Supervisor, Easton

Aindrea Lundberg, Town Council Member, Easton

Bill Herrick, Town Council Member, Easton

Richard (Rich) Fox, Superintendent of Highways, Easton

Samuel J. Hall, Town Supervisor, Fort Ann

Deb Witherell, Town Council Member, Fort Ann

Gretchen Stark, Town Council Member, Fort Ann

Michael Sexton, Town Council Member, Fort Ann

George Smith, Town Council Member, Fort Ann

Paul Winchell, Superintendent of Highways, Fort Ann

Miranda Herringshaw, Town Clerk, Fort Ann

Denis Langlois, Village Mayor, Fort Ann

Matthew Traver, Village Mayor, Fort Edward

John Boucher Jr, Village Trustee, Fort Edward Village

Matthew Hicks, Town Supervisor, Granville

Matt Rathbun, Town Council Member, Granville

Tom Cosey Sr., Town Council Member, Granville

Jeff Duxbury, Town Council Member, Greenwich

David O’Brien, Town Supervisor, Hampton

Andrea Sweeney, Town Council Member, Hampton

Don Sady, Town Council Member, Hampton

Dana Ted Haff, Town Supervisor, Hartford

Barbara Beecher, Town Council Member, Hartford

Jennifer M. Perez, Town Council Member, Hartford

Gary Burch, Town Council Member, Hartford

Denise Petteys, Town Clerk, Hartford

Greg Brown, Superintendent of Highways, Hartford

Brian Campbell, Town Supervisor, Hebron

Sanford Craig, Town Council Member, Hebron

Dorothy Worthington, Town Clerk, Hebron

Jay Skellie, Town Supervisor, Jackson

Travis Rea, Town Council Member, Jackson

Carol Rich, Town Council Member, Jackson

Molly Dixson, Town Clerk, Jackson

Dana Hogan, Town Supervisor, Kingsbury

Cynthia “Cindy” Bardin, Town Clerk, Kingsbury

Michael Graham, Superintendent of Highways, Kingsbury

Darrell Wilson, Town Supervisor, Putnam

Carole Schneider, Town Council Member, Putnam

Charles Bain Sr., Town Council Member, Putnam

Larry Shiell, Town Council, Putnam

Darlene Kerr, Town Clerk, Putnam

Travis Keys, Superintendent of Highways, Salem

Paul Labas, Village Mayor, Granville

Dean Hyatt, Village Trustee, Village of Granville

Dan Brown, Village Trustee, Village of Granville

Richard Roberts, Village Clerk, Granville

Maria Robinson, Village Trustee, Greenwich

Jeffrey G Gaulin, Village Trustee, Hudson Falls

James Gallagher, Village Trustee, Hudson Falls

Michael Horrigan, Village Trustee, Hudson Falls

Gregory Woodcock, Town Council Member, White Creek

John Rozell, Town Supervisor, Whitehall

Christopher Dudley Sr, Town Council Member, Whitehall

David Hollister, Town Council Member, Whitehall

Timothy Kingsley, Town Council Member, Whitehall

Stephanie Safka, Town Council Member, Whitehall

Patti Gordon, Town Clerk, Whitehall

Louis Pratt II, Superintendent of Highways, Whitehall

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