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In her four terms, Chairwoman Elise has delivered real results for her community. Her Bipartisan effort have led to jobs, better health care, veterans benefits, and protections for our rights.

Accessibility for Upstate New York & North Country Families

Since 2015, I’ve remained accessible to NY-21 families by listening directly to my constituents at local events. I’ve attended nearly 2,000 constituent events with NY-21 families, & I look forward to many more to continue being their voice at the highest levels.

Delivering Transparency

Voters deserve to know how their legislators are voting. That is why I post the votes I take in Congress on my Facebook page.

Attended Nearly 2,000 Events With Constituents Since 2015

Since taking office in 2015, I’ve attended nearly 2,000 events with constituents. Whether it’s farm tours, small businesses, or community events, I’ll always meet with NY-21 families to hear their concerns & advocate at the highest levels of our Government.

Solved Over 13,000 Cases for NY-21 Families

Every day my office works diligently to serve NY-21 families. Whether it’s securing Social Security or VA benefits, or assisting small businesses, I’m proud that my office has closed over 13,000 cases and delivered results to thousands of constituents.

Responded to 325,000 Messages to Help NY-21 Families

Since 2015, my office has responded to 325,000 messages to help NY-21 families on issues like Social Security, veterans benefits, and other vital support. I will always remain a voice for our families at the highest levels of our federal government and deliver real results.  

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